Interested in being an ambassador?

What is a Senior Ambassador?

Kelley Marie Photography is looking for motivated and outgoing high school juniors that would be excited to share their senior photo session experience and help promote the brand among their peers. This is a very limited opportunity and only two candidates per school will be chosen.

How does it work?

Senior Ambassadors for Kelley Marie Photography are our main and exclusive spokes-models (influencers). 

As an Ambassador, you will receive an extended portrait session. Your session will be shot in studio and on location and typically runs 2-3 hours. It will start with professional hair and makeup and we'll work with you on posing and wardrobe selection to create truly amazing images that you will be excited to show off.

After your session, we'll meet with you to review your proofs. We'll choose an image for your Senior Ambassador modeling cards, which you'll receive free of charge. Your Senior Ambassador Cards are business card prints they include the stunning image we've chosen, Your name, and our studio information; these are yours to hand out to your friends and other Junior and Seniors. Additionally we'll tag you with studio branded (watermarked) photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Now is where you shine, by telling all of your friends about how much you loved your experience with Kelley Marie Photography. We want you to encourage them to choose us for their Senior Portraits. As you refer your friends; they'll let us know you referred them and/or turn in your Ambassador card for free prints.

WHAT DO I GET (perks & incentives)?

  • Complimentary 2-3 hour extended photo session on location and in studio.
  • Free Professional hair and makeup
  • help with wardrobe selection
  • 100 senior rep cards to share with friends
  • Opportunity to earn a credit of $100 for EACH person you refer that books a session with Kelley Marie Photography. Credit may be used for wall art, prints, and digital products and also toward future sessions.

Who is chosen?

This is sometimes both the easiest and hardest decision. I choose seniors who will value themselves and my business. I look for positive influencers, leaders who are involved in sports and their community . I look for Seniors who can prove they would be an epic role model, with clean social media accounts, a positive outlook on life and who want to experience something incredible together! Someone outgoing and excited for this experience.

What are the requirements?

  • You must be a graduating senior from Class of 2024 and attend a high school within the lee, collier, or Charlotte county area.
  • Student and parents must agree to promote exclusively and solely for Kelley Marie Photography for your senior portraits from the time of acceptance through the entire 2023-2024 school year. It is understood that this is an exclusive relationship and that representation or advertisement of another studio will result in termination of the agreement and all the benefits associated with it. If your school requires you use the schools contract photographer for your yearbook image, you will schedule a session for the yearbook pose only. 
  • You will conduct yourself in a positive fashion while representing Kelley Marie Photography. This includes the way you talk about Kelley Marie Photography, its photographers, and keeping your social media pages clean and positive.
  • Spread the word about Kelley Marie Photography on social media and refer your friends using watermarked images.
  • “Like” & “Follow” Kelley Marie Photography on social media.
  • Post frequently about SHP on social media